Steven’s own compositions

‘The Haunted House’, a short piece for narrator, cello and piano (from the collection ‘Unbeaten Tracks’), Faber Music

Cadenzas to the Haydn concertos in C and D, and to Boccherini’s concerto in Bb (original version). Available from www.freehandmusic.com

Steven’s arrangements

(published by Faber Music)

Beethoven Variations for mandolin, arr. for cello and piano or harpsichord by Steven (also available for violin, with bowings and fingerings by Steven’s sister Rachel)

Steven Isserlis’s Cello World – short pieces by Schumann, Dvorak, Léonard, Fauré, and Steven’s grandfather, Julius Isserlis.

Steven’s editions

‘The Little Red Violin (and the big, bad cello)’, a piece for narrator, cello and piano. Music by Anne Dudley, story by Steven.
Saint-Saens – the complete shorter works for cello, ed. by Steven and Sabina Teller Ratner. (Faber Music)

Original pieces  for cello by Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Tsintsadse, Popper, and Villa-Lobos, in the collection ‘Steven Isserlis’s Cello World.’ (Faber Music)

‘Unbeaten Tracks’ – A collection of eight specially commissioned pieces for student cellists by Olli Mustonen, Mark-Anthony Turnage, David Matthews, John Woolrich, Carl Davis, Lowell Liebermann,J ulian Jacobson and Steven’s own piece for narrator, cello and piano,’the Haunted House’. (Faber Music)

Serenade by Joseph Tuby – Joseph Tuby lived for most of his life in Egypt, held a British passport, but was entirely French by culture. Before being expelled during the Suez crisis, he had for many years organised the concert society in Alexandria, promoting concerts by almost all the great artists of the day. In his youth he had studied piano and composition at the Paris Conservatoire, during Fauré’s tenure as director and it strongly influenced all his compositions including this charming little Serenade for cello and piano. This publication marks the first time that any of his music has appeared in print. Fountayne Editions

Mozart Andantino in B flat for Cello and Piano KV Anh. 46 – Completed by Annette Isserlis. Mozart sketched the outline of an exposition of an Andantino for “Klavier und Violoncello”. This completion has been beautifully done by Annette Isserlis and it is impossible to tell where Mozart stops and Isserlis starts unless you know the original incredibly well. A critical commentary details the original passages for those without access to Mozart’s sketch.

This piece has been recorded on “Mozartiana” on the Cello Classics label. Fountayne Editions

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I’m sorry that these editions are so expensive – not my choice!!
Woldemar BargielAdagio

César Cui – 2 pieces – Cantabile and Scherzando op.36

Julius Isserlis – Ballade for cello and piano

Franz Liszt – Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth, for cello and piano

Felix Mendelssohn-BartholdyAssai Tranquillo, for cello and piano

Anton RubinsteinSonata Op. 18, for cello and piano


David Fanshawe’s ‘the Awakening’, Oxford University Press

Julian Jacobson – ‘The Gothenburg Waltz’, Bardic Edition